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Home Staging "Do's and Don't's" This Holiday Season

By Realty One Group Bold - November 22, 2021

Why Decorating Your House to the Nines Might Not Be the Best Idea When Selling Your Home.

When it comes to Christmas, your first impulse may be to pull out the tree, grab all the tinsel in sight, throw 1,000 ornaments on the tree and inflate the 100ft Frosty the Snowman you got on Amazon in the front yard. 👀 But when it comes to selling your home, you have to realize that that might not be to everyone's taste. But don't worry (Christmas is not canceled). You can still celebrate and have festive cheer during the home selling season. Below are some of our tips on how to decorate tastefully when selling your home! 🏡🎄

  • Clean and Stage: If your home is already filled with holly, trees, and garland – tinsel hanging from the ceiling and that ceramic Santa your grandma got you for Christmas in the 90's might not be the play. Make sure to be mindful and avoid the sense of overcrowding. 📦
  • Create a Cozy Vibe: We all know less is more. At least that's what we pretend to know when home decorating experts tell us to minimize our creative expression. But when it comes to selling your home during the holidays, this mantra rings true. A few festive touches can add warmth to your home this winter (especially earthy tones). Try using pinecones, evergreen wreaths, and a pot of cider on the stove to bring on the Christmas cheer! 🥰
  • Complement Your Palette: Make sure that your holiday collection matches your current decorations. If your living room is sporting baby blue walls, sparkly red and green tinsel might not be the best idea. Remember your Christmas complimentary color wheel people! 🎨
  • Accentuate the Positive: Too many decorations may distract prospective buyers, but if used correctly, the smart placement of decorations can help highlight important features of your home. Lets skip the stick-on-snowflakes that block the magnificent view out of your bedroom window and maybe hang up 3 matching stockings over your stone fireplace instead of your family's 8 'special' stockings of various lengths. 🧐
  • Go Light on Lights: This year, let’s keep the rooftop Santa and front yard sleigh in the garage. While you may enjoy your extravagant exterior decorations, others may not find them so merry. Stick with your traditional string lights and C9’s in a cohesive color scheme to please the eyes of all lookyloos. Make sure to pay mind to your home’s architecture and surrounding foliage. 💡
  • Be an Equal-Opportunity Decorator: While we love your yearly nativity scene with a lifelike baby Jesus (it is just a doll right?), it might not be the best decoration when selling your home. You want to avoid those 'not around the Christmas dinner table' topics like religion, politics, or gender when decorating your home. Just like they can add discomfort at dinner, they can add discomfort during a showing. 😬
  • Mind the Tree: Tall. Christmas trees can often be helpful in displaying your two-story great room. However, these trees can often have very large bases that take up room in your house. Make sure to set up skinnier trees to allow both more walking space and give visibility to more of the home’s attributes. Tree trimming is also important. Be sure to keep heirloom ornaments to a minimum (meaning in storage) and go for a more simple, cohesive color scheme like twinkling icicles and silver balls. 🎄
  • Clear the Clutter: Again with the ‘less is more’, using only a few decorations can more effectively bring on the holiday spirit. Don’t feel obligated to hang up every ornament, stocking, piece of tinsel, holly etc. You want your home to feel as spacious and open as possible. When your home is not open concept, this can be even more important to open it up as much as possible. 🧹

We know that these tips can be a bit difficult to wrap your head around. 😰 But just remember: the goal is to be celebrating in your new home. Don’t get caught up on your missing figurines and trinkets. You will be able to fill your new home to your heart’s content after selling your mindfully staged listing! 😘

If you are interested in getting your home sold, or are looking to buy the property of your dreams, give us a call! ☎️ Our brokers are willing, ready, and able to transform your real estate experience to ONE above the rest. 

Tips collected from HGTV : https://www.hgtv.com/lifestyle/real-estate/staging-tips-for-selling-during-the-holidays 

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